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Service Items

      A. Household Registration:
      a. Registration of Personal Status:
    1. Birth Registration
    2. Death / Death Announcement Registration
    3. Acknowledgement Registration
    4. Adoption / Adoption Termination Registration
    5. Marriage Registration
    6. Divorce Registration
    7. Guardianship Registration
    8. Supplementary Registration
    9. Registration of the executing or exercising of the right and obligation for the under age children
      b.Registration of Movement:
    1. Registration of Move-in
    2. Registration of Move-out
    3. Registration of Address Alteration
    4. Registration of Initial Household
      c.Alteration / Correction / Revocation / Deletion Registration
    B. Acquisition / Loss / Restoration of Nationality  
    C. Issuance of (English) Household Certificate and Reading of Household Record  
    D. Issuance of ID Card (Initial / Replacement / Supplementary)  
    E. Issuance of Household Registry  
    F. Registration / Change / Deletion of Seal and Issuance of Seal Certificate  
    G. Coding / Producing of Address Plates and Issuance of Address Plates Certificate  
    H. Issuance of Citizen Digital Certificate